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Who we are?

We are a technology company that develops electronic devices and robust software platforms that allow to have relevant information directly on your mobile phone.

Our solutions are focused on two industry sectors: Poultry and Health.

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Portable Grading System

Portable Egg Grading Solution

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Solution consisting of a set of small portable mechatronic machines to perform the operations of Grading, Inspection, Cleaning and Packing of eggs. Usually known as “Egg Grading Operations”. The system sends information to the cloud to collect data such as the amount of eggs processed or rejected, eggs classified by weight, among others. This information can be consulted online through a smart phone

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Portable Vital Signs Solution

Portable Vital Signs Solution

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Solution involving a wearable electronic device that sends information about a patient’s vital signs in real time. Vital signs include Heart Rate, SpOs2, Blood Pressure, Temperature. The system sends information to the cloud to collect data. This information can be accessed online via a smartphone.

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